Welcome to the KILI 28/8 Project!

On the 28/08/07 a group of fun loving Rotarians and Friends climbed the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in Africa. The climbers are still raising urgent monies to assist in the relief of some desperate situations there for orphans in Africa. We welcome any persons interested in supporting us by calling John Glassford (02) 6927 6027. The situation in Africa needs immediate help please.

February 20, 2008

Total Raised now $78,187 Aussie $


We have reached $78,187 and with matching grants from Rotary International we will exceed the goal of $100,000!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the climbers, supporters and our warmest thanks to all of those people who gave to Kil 28/8.


Let us do it again: We now can plan for 2010!!!

The Mountains of the Moon await us now see:


Mountains of the Moon

Snow on the equator.

The high peaks on Mount Stanley in the Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon). Off to the right of this photo is the highest peak, Margherita Peak.

The third highest peak in Africa at 5,109 metres.

The Mountains of the Moon.

December 18, 2007

Snows of Kilimanajro

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Memories:

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Peter, Mark and Craig

Mandy and John

Babu (Bob),Mandy, Kathryn, Sharon, Belinda and Quinn


Kate and Narelle


Anyone want to join us on the Mountains of the Moon in 2010?

Yes we will go anywhere for the children of Africa even to the moon!!!

These children below need us more than ever now:

Give me a call or email me:

61 2 6927 6027

john at glassford.com.au

Happy New Year to you all.

December 05, 2007

Peter Sparks Paul Harris Fellow

Peter Sparks PHF Griffith Avanti Rotary

Peter Sparks received his Paul Harris Fellow from the District Governor of D9700 in Griffith recently. A most deserved award as Peter and his club, Griffith Avanti Rotary raised nearly $20,000 for Kili 28/8. Congratulations Peter from all your fellow climbers and Rotarians alike.

The members of Griffith Avanti Rotary and John Glassford share the moment with Peter Sparks PHF. The first PHF in the new club of Griffith Avanti.

To learn about the Paul Harris Fellow awards see the following website:

Paul Harris Fellow

November 05, 2007



Lion and Wild Dogs by Chris McClelland

In aid of Kili 28/8 Fund raising projects.


Saturday 10 November 2007, 6:00 for 7:00pm

Features Kilimanjaro presentation, all art to be auctioned after judging by popular vote.

Forbes Sport and Recreation Club, Lachlan St Forbes
Purchase tickets from Complete Insite Solutions cnr Rankin & Templar
$25 adult, $15 child, $60 family discount, Ph 6851 6650

All proceeds of dinner and auction to Kili 28/8 AIDS and education projects.

Phone Sharon Daishe on 02 6851 5085 or 0428 521600 for information.

Here is another example of some wonderful African Art by our good friend Chris McClelland from Hay. Chris and his wife Margie have been great supporters of Road MAPS to Africa in the past. Margie is also a well known photographer have a look at their web site and please support Sharon and her African Art Competition:

Chris McClelland

Jock of the Bushveld by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick is my favourite book of all time.

Chris has captured the spirit of this famous dog.

September 17, 2007




The Children of Africa.

The reason we ALL climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

Below and following are three pictorial reports on our visits to the three beneficiaries of the proceeds of Kili 28/8. If you need more information on how these three projects are being conducted and where your money is going to, please do not hesitate to contact me for a full report.

[email protected]

We can guarantee you all that the money is being well spent and that 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the beneficiaries. We can also guarantee that none of the funds that we raise will be going to administration or kick backs. That is why we are working with Rotary clubs on the ground in Africa who are well trusted and have a great track record of delivery.

We are looking to double the funds raised, through the Rotary Foundation with matching grants.

We will be closing this phase of the fund raising on December the 31st. So we invite you to continue the awareness and hence fund raising for Kili 28/8. We are still $35,000 short of our target of $100,000 Aussie.

We walked many steps as a team up and down Mount Kilimanjaro and each step we took was for a purpose and for Anna Khuzwayo ( a fellow climber) each step was for someone she knows with HIV/AIDS in her township of Imizamo Yethu; for me each step was for an orphan of Africa. I mean to make every step we took as a team count in some way for them in the future.

Enjoy our pictorial essay, following, on our visits to those that need our help the most.

Thanks to you all.

Special thanks to all our climbers:

Anna Khuzwayo
Sharon Daishe
Narelle Rodway
Craig Corrigan
Bob Kendell
Tim Jenkinson
Mandy Watson
Linda O' Neill
Kate O' Neill
Kathryn Gettingby
Belinda Nowland
Quinn Hart
Peter Sparks
Michael Dorrian
Mark Horton

Very,very special thanks to our Albatros guides, cooks and porters.

Especially Elias, Moses, Kidane, Alphonse and Paul.

The whole Kili 28.8 team would like to thank Veronica Otter from the New Arusha Hotel for the very generous discount on all our accommodation costs. It was indeed a wonderful hotel and the three nights we spent there will be remembered for a long time. Especially the great service from all of the staff. When in Arusha you MUST stay at this wonderful oasis in the middle of a bustling city.

The New Arusha Hotel Web site.

The Beneficiaries 1. THE SCHOOL OF SAINT JUDE.


Gemma Sisia the founder of St Jude's showing us the new class rooms and dormitories for the secondary school due to open in 2008. All power to you Gemma, well done!!! One third of the funds we raised from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will go to providing 2 new electricity generators for this exiting new development. It goes to show you what one person can achieve.

Old Man Babu or Bob Kendell doing some teaching, he loved it!!!
Bob was the fittest in the team, and the first to Uhuru Peak.

Colourful buses that take all the children to and from school.

Anna Khuzwayo dancing in the play grounds with some of the students.

Assembly the best behaved children in the world! What a welcome we received.

Thank you Gemma, boys and girls, we will not forget our visit to Saint Jude's.

Below are the photos of the hand prints collected by Brittany Watson, daughter of Mandy with a note from St Jude's.

I thought you might appreciate these pictures of your flag hanging proudly in our library. The flag was pinned over the banister of our library after initially being presented to the school. But it was then decided that it should be hung from the ceiling, both to keep it away from the students who loved to put their hands on the imprints on the flag and to act as a curtain to stop the glare on the libraries computer screens. We had Alfonse, our schools carpenter, hang it up two weeks ago and it has got only positive comments. I believe it was your daughters’ school who made the hanging for us, so please pass on our thanks (and the photos) to her and her classmates.

I’m sorry it has taken me a while to send them out to you, but we have all been very busy here at the school. Testing has started at the school to try and find 180 new students for next year and with 2000 hopeful children showing up every week, it has been quite a challenge.

Thank you very much for the flag you sent over for us and all your support for the School of St. Jude.

Jacob Mugavin
Donations and Sponsorship
School of St Jude's



Our Rotary centennial twin club, Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa are raising funds for their wonderful project Operation Medical Hope. They will be building a "clinic" which will be known as The Coolamon House. From this building they will distribute advice, medicine and assistance to HIV+ mothers to be. The idea is to stop the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child.

Hout Bay Rotarian Patrick McLaughlin showing Kili 28/8 climbers the site for the Coolamon House in the township of Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay.

Kili 28/8 climbers being escorted around the township of Imizamo Yethu and inspecting the typical shacks that are being built all over Southern Africa. Conditions are not good here.

A sign in the Imizamo Yethu Medical Clinic says it all.

Sharon and Mandy making new friends in Imizamo Yethu.

Phumlani Nyanga our Rotary sponsored high school student being presented with a Socceroo Football shirt. Phumlani is doing very well at his school and is the perfect gentleman. We are very proud of him. His manner changes dramatically when he gets a football in his hands, he is soccer mad!!

Phumlani goes home to Imizamo Yethu on the weekends.

The Beneficiaries 3. ORPHAN RESCUE.



Mathare Slums in Nairobi.

600,000 souls exist here.

It is here that HOPE World Wide and RFFA are supporting the orphans of this slum near the centre of Nairobi. Mathare used to be a vegetable garden once.

Some of the older orphans who sung and danced a welcome for us.

The "playground" for the young ones. Here is where our help is needed urgently.

Anna Khuzwayo with some of the younger orphans at the Orphan Rescue Centre in Mathare. Anna was as shocked as we ALL were.

Some of the orphans of Mathare here meeting the Kili 28/8 team of climbers. We all left Mathare in a very sombre mood determined to help RFFA and HOPE ww by raising funds for this very worthwhile project in one of the areas in the world that demands our attention and assistance. No human should be allowed to live in such atrocious conditions.


September 15, 2007

Anna Khuzwayo

Anna Khuzwayo from Hout Bay Cape Town.

An amazing lady who never gave up. Anna was the soul of this climb and gave it her all. We will never forget her dedication to raising awareness of her people with HIV/AIDS. Anna made it to Stella Point the second highest point in all of Africa.

September 13, 2007

Another View


(Remember to click on the images for a larger version).

Beauty at the top of Africa (taken by Craig Corrigan on his way to the summit)

Elias and Moses Our Chief Guides and Mentors. Amazing Men!

Sharon Daishe and Moses at a reception at the New Arusha Hotel after the climb. Sharon presented Moses with the Kili 28/8 official team shirt.

The Mother of All Mountains Challenging Us!

Barafu Camp Site at 4,800 metres.

Smoko with Mount Meru in the Background.

Only way is UP!

UP and Down the Baranco Cliffs.

Torture on the Baranco Cliffs or Breakfast Cliffs as they are known.

Craig Corrigan and a Giant Pot Plant.

The Lava Tower near Shira some of us climbed the Tower for fun!